Nike Dunk Low UNC (2021)

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The low-cut Nike Dunk Low UNC is a variation of the popular Nike Dunk shoe. The shoe was introduced in 2020 as a part of Nike’s “Be True” line, which celebrates the community’s variety and inclusiveness. The rubber outsole of the shoe has a herringbone pattern that offers traction on various floor types.

With a blue and white color pattern, it pays respect to the athletic teams of the University of North Carolina. The sneaker is low-cut, features a traditional basketball style, and fastens with laces for a secure fit. It is created with a blend of leather and synthetic materials for durability. The Nike Dunk Low UNC is a well-liked option for basketball and streetwear.

The sneaker has received praise for its robust design, with several customers remarking that it has held up well after months of use. The sneaker has been praised for its adaptability, with several users remarking that, depending on the situation, it can be dressed up or down. Users have generally given the Nike Dunk Low UNC excellent feedback, with many stating that it is a chic and cozy option for daily wear.

Both male and female sizes of the Nike Dunk Low UNC are accessible.