3 Ways to Wear Shoes That Are Too Big!

3 Ways to Wear Shoes That Are Too Big!

3 Ways to Wear Shoes That Are Too Big!

We certainly believe that there is nothing more heartbreaking than finding a perfect pair of sneakers just to find out they are not your size later! However, if you have a bigger shoe size with you and are trying to find out how to make shoes a size smaller with or without insole then this is the last thing you will search for today! If you are stuck with oversized shoes, there are some interesting ways to make sneakers with insole and sneakers without insole smaller! Keep reading this guide on how to make shoes a size smaller and you will be glad to know that you can wear your favorite bigger size sneakers now!  

Many people among us have experienced the problem of buying sneakers that are size bigger than our feet and then you might wonder how to do justice to the hefty amount of money you spent on the wrong size of shoes! So, are you having a sneaker size with you which is bigger than your feet and doesn’t fit nicely? Well, you will be able to solve this problem after going through the blog! 

1. You can try heel inserts for your bigger sneakers 

If you feel your heels are about to slip while you walk, you can solve this problem just by putting in an extra padded piece of inserts. You can fix this by sticking padded heel inserts in the backs of your shoes. Heel grips are one of the common shoe grips that can help you make your shoe size smaller at the heel. Heel grips are the best option that can prevent your sneakers from rubbing the backside of your heels. Heels are the sensitive part for any person and issues such as foot blisters can develop if we ignore heels. When shoe heels are bigger, they make feet slip off the shoes and this can cause undesirable issues such as foot blisters and sore heels.  

Heel grips can make the best option to make your shoe size smaller without spending money on extra footwear. Heel grips are a perfect option to tighten your heel gaps as they work well with all kinds of shoes such as flats, wedges, boots, sneakers with insoles and sneakers without insoles. The most amazing thing about heel grips is they are quite easy to fit within your closed heel gaps. Heel grips can be versatile to fix your bigger size shoes but the only part when it can make your work complicated is when you are dealing with booties. Your bigger-sized shoes might feel a bit awkward when you put heel grips behind your shoes, and you can feel the inserts behind the back of the shoes, but this sensation will get better with time. After some time, you can feel the soft sensation of some cushioning behind your feet. Go for heel grips guys, they are a great option! 

2. Try shoe-toe inserts! 

Just like the heel grips, shoe-toe inserts are another lovely option to make your bigger-sized sneakers small without spending an extra penny on sneakers. You can bring on these padded shoe-toe inserts and put them at the top of your sneakers just before wearing your shoes. Shoe toe inserts are an amazing option that works well with almost all kinds of closed-toe footwear. If you feel your sneaker size is bigger than it should be, then this cheap option is worth trying. Some sneakers don’t have closed heels and come with back open designs, in such cases, shoe-toe insert can be a good option. 

However, one should also keep the shape of the foot in mind before buying any toe shoe inserts because everyone comes with different feet shapes, and shoe inserts can be of different sizes. Sometimes, the way a person moves and walks also affects some factors that decide what kind of shoe-toe inserts a person should get. Once you get comfortable with shoe-toe inserts, they will become your next favorite thing. 

3. Get yourselfsome thick socks

Well, this one seems a bit unusual and weird but yes wearing a thicker pair of socks is also one simple thing that can help you make your bigger sneakers smaller without much work! Wearing thicker socks is a simple thing that will fix your big sneakers. This is a basic remedy that you can choose for sneakers or any other kind of shoes that are loose but closed.   

There are different kinds of socks in the market today that come in different color patterns and threadwork, this can increase their thickness, so it makes a good choice to wear under sneakers that are too big. You can even find cushioned sports socks that come with extra thickness specifically for the cozy feel of smoothness. If you are trying to find something for your open style sneakers, you should go for styles like patterned socks. Patterned and designed socks are naturally dense and thicker than usual pair of socks as it has a lot of thread work. There are many materials which you can pick when it comes to getting dense socks such as cotton, or wool. These are the perfect kinds of materials that will allow you to breathe. 

So, as you have gone through all the 3 top hacks on how to make shoes a size smaller, you should not be wasting your time if you have an expensive pair of bigger shoes in your cupboard waiting to be flaunted! It’s always recommended to wear sneakers that fit perfectly, and we certainly give a big no to foot issues like foot blisters and sore feet. 


The first and foremost remedy we would suggest when you find your foot slipping out while walking with new sneakers is to simply return the footwear! If you want to buy sneakers in Australia, there are some good online stores like AHUA, which will allow you a trial and returns after your purchase with the best authentic stock!

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