Authenticity Guarantee

With every item purchased, whether purchased in bulk, singles or if from a store or website, every item goes through a rigorous 5 step authentication process before it is deemed fit to sell:

Step 1: Box + Accessory check

Here, the team looks closely at the label, data code, colour ways, texture, lid shape, extra laces, extra bits and pieces that might have come with the shoe, etc

Step 2: Shoe shape

With most fakes, from a quick gaze, it is easy to tell if something is fake form just the shape. So angles from all parts of the shoe are looked at to see if it passes the overall shape of whatever the model is

Step 3: Sole check 

Insoles are removed, inner stitching is checked upon further. Outsole is looked closely. If all passes and looks good, step 4 can initiate 

Step 4: Upper material check

Upper portions of shoe are looked closely for any flaws, stitching errors, issues, discoloring, oxidation, etc

Step 5: Smell test!

Funnily enough, one good way of knowing if a shoe is real or not is from the smell of the inside, whilst hard to describe, it is quite obvious when it is a fake as a cheap, synthetic smell would be detected 

Even with this rigorous authenticity program, if an item is questioned as unauthentic, it will undergo a third party legit check, of which if deemed fake, a full refund will be provided to the customer.