The Best Cartoon-Inspired Sneakers

The Best Cartoon-Inspired Sneakers

The Best Cartoon-Inspired Sneakers

Cartoons have always played a significant part in our day-to-day life, and we love cartoons! When it is to our all-time loved sneakers, cartoons have influenced their style statements and designs in the most revolutionary way!

There are many instances when cartoons were related to sneakers and took their inspiration from iconic cartoons and anime characters! The ultimate creativity of correlating sneakers with cartoons have got us excited and we have brought some of the most iconic sneakers for you today! Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing cartoon-inspired sneakers and shoe collections!

1) Skechers x One Piece Sneakers

The brand Skechers tried to recreate the energy of anime characters and collaborated with one of the most popular Japanese manga series, ‘One Piece’ back in 2018. The collab gave a rise to this unique design, ‘Skechers D’Lite 2 Sweet Monster x One Piece’ and the collection got a breakthrough on January 18, 2018. These amazing sneakers channel the anime’s character. Skechers Korea first brought these most iconic sneakers in Asia and then these shoes made an entry into European markets.

2) Nike Dunk High SB “Quagmire”

Glen Quagmire is a fictional character that belongs to the American adult animated series Family Guy, You can see this guy with red and yellow dot t-shirts, blue trousers, and shoes! Yes, Nike tried to recreate this amazingly famous character with their Nike Dunk High SB “Quagmire” collection. You can see these flashy sneakers with red colour on their sides with yellow dots all over them, denim blue suede over them, white laces, and funky soles, the complete shoe design speaks of Quagmire’s colour theme and reminds us of him!

3) Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon

Nike tops the race with unique collabs, ideas and collaborations, and this is true when we look at its sneaker collaborations that were inspired by famous anime characters! We all love Doraemon and started loving this amazing character when Nike brought this character to life in their collab with a partnership with the futuristic gadget genius Doraemon.

4) SB Dunk “Homer” and “Marge”

SB Dunk “Homer” and “Marge” are another pair that got their inspiration from the parents of the very popular show on television, The Simpsons. The colour theme of these most iconic sneakers simply talks about Homer’s theme. The White Shirt, Blue Pants, Black Shoes, and Yellow Skin are the elements that artists reflected on the sneaker! The Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Homer’ and SB Dunk High ‘Marge’ can still be considered the most celebrated cartoon-inspired sneakers till now, as they strongly portrayed the culturally defining animated TV series.

5) Dragon Ball Z x Adidas

After witnessing the great adventure and craze for Goku, Adidas teamed up with Takao Koyama’s Dragon Ball Z back in the year 2018. The collab created the ultimate seven-model collection along with Adidas that reflected the 291-episode long series that has been loved throughout the years by all of us!

Any person who loves anime would not be unfamiliar with the great obsession for Dragon Ball Z! Dragon Ball has been in the talks for its amazing and dynamic scenes. The intense series has been going on air since 1986. It seems like Adidas has got the biggest craze for Dragon Ball as they have put lots of energy into creating the kicks that resemble the actual dragon from Dragon Ball Z. If you have fallen for this pair, you can grab these kicks from Also, if you would like to explore it more, there are six amazing designs that come with these most iconic sneakers!

6) Jordan 6 “Hare”

The Jordan 6 “Hare” is a wonderful cartoon-inspired sneaker that has been inspired by the amazing Bugs Bunny, who was featured in Space Jam with Michael Jordan. This marvelous pair of Jordan 6 features a white leather upper, modern grey underlays and red fine detail. The impressive, patterned outsole and a purple jump man featured on the heel give a classy tone to the sneakers! These amazing kicks were released in April 2020.

7) Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max

Megatron is one of the most popular action characters and any Transformers freak would never ignore this classic character. Nike collaborated with Hasbro and the pair created the Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer, and the shoe became a trend following the craze for the character! The dazzling sneakers reflect the bright red and purple tones that shout for Megatron’s popularity and craze! featured purple and red colours. The textured sides and exterior of shoes are crafted with artistic patterns with a purplish tone that amazingly pairs up with red-speckled laces!

8) Nike Air Trainer III “Optimus Prime”

Nike is on the top when it comes to amazing collaborations and unique designs, and the brand has acknowledged Autobots leader, Optimus Prime, by creating a sizzling pair of Nike Air Trainer III Colorways. The rich colour tone consists of a grey, blue, and silver theme with Autobots on the heel covering up the whole sneaker in the Optimus Prime look.

9) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure x Vans

JoJo characters are much famous for their rich and big designs, and their classic designs have given a rise to some of the most amazing collaborations in the fashion trends! Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure x Vans features in two tones, a vibrant magenta, and a white tone with dotted patterns over the sides and top! The lovely textures and colours remind us of the dynamic series and its colour theme!

So, we guess all cartoon nerds are full of their visual treat! Are you also one of those cartoon freaks who would like to flaunt their favorite cartoon vibe along with their sneakers? Go ahead and find some great online sneakers sellers where you can buy sneakers online! Almost all sneaker retailers have these smashing collections rocking their stores, so, what are you waiting for? Hurry up!

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