How to Properly Style and Wear Air Jordan 1s

How to Properly Style and Wear Air Jordan 1s

How to Properly Style and Wear Air Jordan 1s

Air Jordan 1s are some of the most influential and dazzling sneakers of all time and we all couldn’t agree more on this! The impressive Air Jordan 1 entered into the great hall of Fame after their initial release back in 1985. We all are aware of Michael Jordan’s dominance and legacy, and this classic facet gave these kicks an amazing fame blow. Air Jordans 1s still make their way on our trending Jordan sneakers list!

If you have just got your smashing pair of Air Jordans and are searching for the best ways to nail our new kicks, then hold on! We are here with some amazing ideas that can blow your mind as you will know the best ways to style and wear Air Jordan 1s! Here we will tell you how to wear Jordans the best way so you can harness the utmost feel of Jordan sneakers!

What is your type? Jordan 1: High, Mid or Low? Let’s take a deep dive!

It is important to figure out whether you are an Air Jordan 1 High, Low or Mid person! Nike Air Jordan 1 High has been on everybody’s all-time favorite list, and it will always be! But we just can’t ignore people’s undying infatuation with the other two counterparts, yes, the Air Jordan 1 Mid and Air Jordan 1 Low! All pairs of Nike Air Jordans are celebrated for their unique themes, vibrant shades, and stylish designs! You can pick the one that vibes with your personality and get your sneaker game on point! So, let us take some insights on all three smashing kicks so you can fix your mind on the perfect one for you!

Nike Air Jordan 1 High

The Jordan 1 High is the ultimate pair of Jordan Sneakers that will never go out of the craze! Their classic color themes and rocking collabs are enough to win anybody’s heart! This classic pair from Air Jordans is simple to style yet radiates the aura of class and style! However, this pair can cost you a fortune as this smashing pair is one of the costliest pairs of Jordan sneakers!

Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid

Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid is another classic pair of Jordan sneakers that has won many hearts; however, some people consider it underrated as they are never seen in the basic light and folks never look after it as classic. These kicks are easy to find, and you can simply get your hand on them as this pair can be found easily! Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid are easily attainable as they are more available than their counterparts. You can find numerous amazing color themes and styles in these kicks because people are much more into buying these kicks!

Nike Air Jordan 1 Low

The AJ1 low has been in the talks for the last few years! However, this one has a few lesser colorways and is quite difficult to find for its rare colorways. However, a low-cut silhouette is an amazing option for summer warmth, and you can simply pair it wear your revealing clothes. As we have shown you the basic pros and cons of all three Air Jordan pairs, we are going to unfold some amazing tips on how to wear Air Jordans!

Here are the Best Ways to Style Nike Air Jordan 1s!

While choosing the perfect Air Jordan for you, you should always look for the one which suits your outfit, and this can unfold the best way to style your Air Jordan 1! What you can simply do is choose the kicks that can go well with your dress, because when Air Jordans are worn with a suitable dress it brings the best vibe out of Air Jordans! Also, you can see if your Air Jordans match your accessories or watch, this can also give you the best hints on styling your brand-new Air Jordans. Some vibrant pairs with a hint of bright colors or a basic color scheme can match all your outfits well. The best thing you can keep in your mind while pairing your outfit with Air Jordans is to maintain simplicity because these kicks are funky enough that won’t need to overdo it! Maintaining a bare minimum hint while matching Air Jordans is the best thing you can do to bring out the most of your brand-new kicks!

If your shoes aren’t going well with your outfit, then it’s time to bring on different pairs of sneakers and let them rock your game! You can choose another funky pair from Air Jordans with vibrant and loud tones! Nowadays, you can find tones of smashing collabs from Air Jordans that can rock your wardrobe well! As far as we have observed, Air Jordans look good with black outfits and black accessories. You can grab a basic black dress or jeans to nail your kicks. If you want to simply kick up your new Jordan sneakers, then black can never go wrong! If you are choosing something in black, you can rest assured that you are going to rock your new Jordan sneakers.

Now when we talk about what kind of clothing would go well with Air Jordan 1s, then we have an amazing option of shorts or trousers that go well with the vibe of summer. When you are searching for something to style with your Jordan sneakers in summer, shorts will fix your game. Another amazing style that you can effortlessly pull on while wearing Air Jordan 1 is street style! Yes! The era of street style is back in the trend! The classic pair of Air Jordan 1 looks quite stylish with street style and a funky vibe! We can also say that the most amazing way to style up your Air Jordans is to get your street style on!

As you are a bit familiar with all the styles that can go well with your Air Jordan 1, we hope you will play better next time!

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