KAWS Gone Figure Black

KAWS Gone Figure Black

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The year 2019 marked a bustling period for the renowned artist KAWS, and his artistic endeavors culminated in the release of the KAWS Gone Figures in September. These figures, standing at an impressive 14 inches in height, offer a captivating representation of one of KAWS's most beloved characters, the Companion. In this distinctive sculpture, the Companion is depicted in the act of carrying what appears to be a lifeless version of another iconic KAWS character, the BFF.


  • Size: The KAWS Gone Figures stand tall at 14 inches, making them a substantial addition to any art collection.
  • Colorways: Black Companion carrying a Black BFF
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality vinyl, these collectible figures showcase KAWS's artistry with precision and detail.
  • Release Date: The KAWS Gone Figure was made available to art enthusiasts and collectors on September 19th, 2019.


The KAWS Gone Figures not only celebrate KAWS's signature characters but also mark a unique moment in his vinyl collectibles, bringing together two beloved figures into a single, compelling piece of art.

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